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intro to pattern cutting


intro to pattern cutting


the bodice block

sunday 9th of june

10am -  1pm

Millie moon

24-25 catherine hill

Frome BA11 1BY


intro to pattern 
the bodice block

A short workshop to understand what is pattern cutting and how to use a standard block to make a bodice toile.


Pattern cutting is the art of drawing a pattern on paper, using blocks and ready to wear measurements or someone’s own measurements.

The block is the base of every pattern. The bodice block is used to draft shirts, blouses, jackets, coats, dresses etc.


For this workshop, in order to skip a lot of math and headaches, we are gonna use the standard sizes blocks - size available 8 - 24

Using the bust measurements, we are gonna use the block size that is closer to our own bust measure and make a toile.

We will then do a fitting with the toile to see how it fits our bodies shapes and correct it to have a unique bodice block.

Then I will explain how to use the block to create a pattern. 


°Basic sewing tools - needles, pins, scissors, pens, chalk and ruler

°Cami top & legging to wear during the fitting (or something similar to feel comfortable)




°Tracing paper 


°Sewing machines

°Extra sewing tools if needed 

°Tea coffee and cakes 

There is 5 spaces for this workshop 

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