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Raincoat weekend workshop (Saturday - Sunday)

170 pounds 

5th - 6th November 2022  

26th - 27th November 2022 

Bristol Textile Quater 

1A Barton Road 

BS2 0LF Bristol


This weekend workshop is for confident seamstress with a bit of experience and good knowledge of their sewing machine.

The sizes available are 8 to 16 for now.

 The raincoat is short, unlined and quite loose fitted to allow plenty of room for winter clothes.

The front and back are divided in two parts, the sleeves are straight and wide.

It has two big pockets, eight buttonholes, two drawstring channels for the hood and hem, and quite a lot of topstitching.

The  raincoat in the picture was made using oil cloth but it will look really good in denim, corduroy or any medium / heavy weight fabric.

Water proof fabrics can be used too but are more difficult to sew.

Two different tones of the same fabric would look very nice as well to contrast the two parts of the raincoat.

If you want you can also use some topstitching thread to give more contrast to the topstitch and drawstring channels.


The running time of the workshop is 10 am to 4 pm.


I can provide the use of

  • 1 industrial sewing machine

  • 1 industrial overlock

  • 2 domestic sewing machine

  • 1 domestic overlock.


However it is recommended that you bring your own sewing machine if possible


* Its not necessary to be able to use an overlock for this workshop, all the seams and raw edges can be zigzag


I am not providing fabric for this workshop, see below what you will need to bring

Fabric consumption 

For a width of 110 cm                      140cm                                          

Size 8               2.58m                              1.85m                                    

Size 10             2.65m                               1.95m                                     

Size 12              2.66m                               2.28m                          

Size 14              2.70m                               2.30m                

Size 16              2.75m                               2.35m                         

I would recommend a 140cm width for this kind of garment 


If you want to use more than one fabric for this project, get in touch for more detail about specific fabric consumption.


  • 4 boutons 1.5 cm wide

  • 1.4 m x 2 of drawstring

  • Thread matching your fabric

  • Topstitch thread if you want a proper topstitch

  • Sewing machine

  • Warm clothes 

  • Lunch


Please note that if you want to overlock you will need a least two overlock thread. I have some colours available but it is quite limited. Get in touch for more details.


A leaflet with sewing instructions will be given to everybody

Tea coffee and biscuits will be provided as well

We will have a break for lunch

Up to  5 spaces available


 As I am running these workshops for the first time, I offer 30% off the first dates

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